Regulations: 14 CFR 91.13 and 91.15

Today we have more regulations that every pilot needs to know. Bob Gardner provides an excellent list of summarized federal regulations for student pilots in his textbook The Complete Private Pilot. If you’re looking for the compendium of aviation regulations, check out our annually-relased FAR/AIM. These summaries are taken from the latest edition of The Complete Private Pilot.

14 CFR 91.13 Careless or reckless operation. This is a catch-all regulation. If you have any type of accident or incident, the assumption is that you must have been either careless or reckless. Your responsibility is to leave nothing to chance: use written checklists rather than rely on memory. As pilot-in-command, do not let anyone interfere with your control of the airplane.

14 CFR 91.15 Dropping objects. You may not drop or allow to be dropped from your aircraft any object that creates a hazard to persons or property. If reasonable precautions to avoid injury or damage are taken, dropping objects is authorized. Make sure that your proposed drop does not violate any state or local laws…strewing the ashes of a decedent is unlawful in many jurisdictions.


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